Whether you served as a dental officer, infantryman, fighter pilot, or supply clerk, we would like to ​recognize your military service. Please complete our online nomination form and submit it to FWDDS before October 31, 2019.  The FWDDS Board of Directors will select a veteran from the nominations to be honored at our November monthly meeting.  The nominee must be a current member of the FWDDS to be eligible for this award.

​If you know of a member dentist ​who served in the Armed Forces, please nominate him or her to be honored.  

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World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc.
When did you serve?
What was your rank and what branch(es) of the military did you serve?
Please provide a list of awards and accomplishments during your service.

Please give a brief synopsis of your military experiences including campaigns participated in, duty stations, qualifications earned (such as pilot or parachutist), clinical duties as a dental office (if applicable) and continuing education earned.

(Qualifications earned from above)