Mission Statement:

Advancing the success of the dental profession and improving public health in our community.

Strategic Plan: 2016 – 2020

Core Competencies to Advance the Mission

  • Community and Government Relations – Positioning the profession favorably within our communities and government.
  • Professional Development and CE – Providing opportunities for professional development and CE.
  • Society Strength – Leading dynamic association to engage and serve the membership.
  • Membership Value – Providing benefits and services to dentists to support their success.

Goals for 2019

  • Strengthen Member Engagement
    • Measures of Success
      • Increased member retention through an active outreach program.
      • Higher level of member participation through increased attendance at Monthly Meetings, Continuing Education Programs, and Social Events.
      • Greater number of members serving on committees.
  • Enhance offering of Benefits and Services to Support Member Success
    • Measures of Success
      • Increase participation by members in ADA’s Find-a-Dentist online marketing.
      • Identify value added services through member surveys and implement those benefits and services within FWDDS’ abilities.
  • Raise the Visibility of FWDDS Dentists in the Community
    • Measures of Success
      • Identify and promote the philanthropic work of FWDDS dentists in the community.
      • Promote the value of choosing FWDDS dentists as your dental healthcare provider through active online marketing.