Education and Events

The Fort Worth District Dental Society is your local connection to organized dentistry. Our board of directors, CE and event planning committees are comprised of your colleagues.  They are a diverse group who understand your needs at each stage of your career. Our continuing education programs are focused on making the most of your time and budget while encouraging you to explore new directions in your practice.  Our events offer opportunities to connect with other professionals in our community. 

Save the Dates for Upcoming Continuing Education Programs

October 12, 2021 Machell Hudson, RDH - "Don't Let the Health of Your Mouth Break Your Your Heart"  Register Now    In the United States heart attach is the number one cause of death, while stroke is the number one most debilitating. A lesser-known fact is the important correlation shared between oral health and heart health. By understanding the role oral disease plays in the causation of heart attack and stroke, dental professionals are better equipped to promote patient heart health, and ultimately, save lives. Learn the leading evidenced based research connecting oral pathogens to heart disease. Gain a better understanding of the cutting-edge protocols including innovative testing to better diagnose, treat and educate your patients. Learn how to incorporate practical applications supported by research to treat your patients at risk for heart disease.

November 9, 2021 Dana Moss - "Building a Successful Practice through Proactive Patient Retention Systems"  Register Now  Many practices struggle with open time on the schedule and patients walking out the door without scheduling future treatment. This energetic, power-packed session offers tips, tricks, and reports for building a productive schedule and the systems and skills for getting treatment out of the chart and on to the schedule.