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Welcome to the Fort Worth District Dental Society’s resource page for the public. You will find wide ranging information from trusted sources to help you maintain, improve and protect your oral health. We encourage you to explore our site to learn more on how to be Mouth Healthy.

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Do you have questions about how pregnancy may affect your oral health? When should you schedule your child’s first appointment with a dentist? To find answers to these questions and more visit Lifestages.

Dental Health Topics from A-Z

Are DIY dental treatments the right choice for you? How does diabetes affect your oral health? For answers on a wide range of dental health topics visit Dental Health Topics from A-Z.

ADA Seal of Acceptance

 Is that dental bleaching product safe for your teeth? Not sure which products to use for maintaining your smile or how to select the ones that will protect your oral health? The ADA Seal of Acceptance database can help you narrow down your search for oral health products that do exactly what they claim under a Seal you can trust.


Can you name the top nine foods that can damage your teeth? What foods should you avoid if you’re experiencing dry month? To learn more about food and beverage choices that can help or harm your oral health visit Nutrition.