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Last Chance to Meet New Rx CE Requirements

The TSBDE has new requirements for prescribing controlled substances. TDA members can meet those requirements by taking these CE courses, brought to you by TDA and UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston. If you haven't taken these courses yet, now is your chance to sign up. This is the last time we are offering these courses.

All dentists who provide direct patient care are required to complete 4 hours every 2 years in controlled substance CE—even if you don’t have a DEA registration. And if you do hold a DEA registration and you got it before September 2020, you only have until September 1, 2021 to fulfill your CE requirement. If you got your DEA registration after September 2020, you have one year from the day you got it—but you can still take this course now to fulfill your requirement.

Course Options:
Friday, August 20th (Both Requirements: Rule §111.1 (b) and Rule §104.1 (2)(B))
This course meets both requirements for all practicing dentists, and those with DEA registrations. You can get 6 hour’ worth of controlled substances CE requirements in just one, 4-hour course.
8:30 AM-12:45 PM

Saturday, August 21st ((Rule §111.1 (a) and (b))
This course meets all DEA requirements for those with DEA registrations issued at any time, but only the DEA requirements. For the requirement that applies to all practicing dentists, please take the Friday course.
9 AM-11 AM

These courses are presented as live interactive webinars. To learn more about the CE hours dentists are required to take, click here to visit our CE Requirements for Texas Dentists infographic.